Mongolia, the land of calm Exhibition in Collage Gallery

With one of the lowest population density in the world it’s really normal spending a whole day without seen absolutely anyone.
Half of its inhabitants live in urban zones (mainly in Ulan Bator), a quarter is completely nomadic (living in gers that mount and dismantle in a couple of hours to move to a better climate area depending on the season) and the remaining quarter is semi-nomadic (living in villages in wintertime and taking care of their cattle in the steppe pastures for the rest of the year).

The most distinctive characteristic of Mongolia are the vast semi-desert landscapes, if it was not for the big livestock diversity that you can find everywhere with hardly any farming land, and not the population that is really scarce and shy with the tourist, another evidence of the fact that we are in one of the few virgin paradises of the world.

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January 15th 2015 – January 15th 2025
CataniaPhotomural in King County Metro. SE 272 St / 172 Ave SE, Covington, Washington, USA

June 6th – 22nd 2023
Dones i arbres exhibition. Consell Municipal del Distrite de Gràcia, Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, 2 Barcelona, Spain

June 21st 2023
Polaroid Emulsion Tranfers Workshop. C/ María 7 Bajos 08012-Barcelona, Spain


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