Landscapes of my memory

Intimate approach to some of the most emblematic places in Soria, my hometown

It’s universally known that our mind modifies memories without our consent, sometimes a self-defence mechanism that helps us to partially forget what hurts us or simply an effect caused by the passing of time.
Memory is submitted to disruptions, to amnesias that led to information gaps. This makes us lose a part of our vital experience, but it also enriches it making it unique and personal.

Polaroid emulsion transfers


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January 15th 2015 – January 15th 2025
CataniaPhotomural in King County Metro. SE 272 St / 172 Ave SE, Covington, Washington, USA

November 30th 2022 – February 24th 2023
01 Fotògrafes Exhibition. Espai de la Imatge UPIFC
C/Espronceda 131,  Barcelona, Spain


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