I have always been interested in human behaviour.

I thought photographing ordinary drawers without manipulating them was a good way to come closer to the daily life of the owner.

Interiors 2294. Sex: Male. Age: 20/30 years old. Birthplace: Menorca (Spain). Main occupation: Student. Drawer’s use: tobacco filter’ store to use them to make a chair

Interiors is a work about human identity that gives a free rein to voyeurist instinct that everybody carry inside themselves and satisfies our human curiosity about the others,  through the physical description of the drawers’ content and the owner’s behaviour by means of the objects he has and the way he arranges them.y satisfacer así esa curiosidad que sentimos por los demás, mediante la descripción física del contenido de los cajones y la subjetiva de la manera de comportarse del propietario a partir de los objetos que posee y de la forma en que los dispone.

Interiors Exhibitions

Images of the exhibitions in Medinaceli DeArte and in the Audiencia Palace, both in Soria, in November 2009 and June 2010, respectively.

Photographs were mounted in light-boxes constructed inside wooden drawers. The idea was that, in completely dark exhibition halls, the only lighting came from the drawers placed as an installation on the floor, as an invitation to the observer to look at a secret, hidden to most of the human beings, that he had the privilege of contemplating.
All drawers went with a personal description that put a bit of light of the owner, without losing his/her anonymity, specifying sex, age, birthplace, main occupation and the use he/she gave the drawer.


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January 15th 2015 – January 15th 2025
CataniaPhotomural in King County Metro. SE 272 St / 172 Ave SE, Covington, Washington, USA

June 6th – 22nd 2023
Dones i arbres exhibition. Consell Municipal del Distrite de Gràcia, Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, 2 Barcelona, Spain

June 21st 2023
Polaroid Emulsion Tranfers Workshop. C/ María 7 Bajos 08012-Barcelona, Spain


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