Hortus Botanicus

In nature we find lines that I unconsciously relate with the ones that we find in our body. 

Melting together the body lines with the ones suggested by the branches and trunks of the trees our mind tries to look for continuity imagining a real unity in each of the images created for this imaginative vegetal universe called Hortus botanicus.

Digital photomontages

Hortus Botanicus Exhibitions

Images taken in Lleida’s Collage Gallery in 2010, in Barcelona’s CC Albareda and in Espai Garum in Lliçà d’Amunt in 2014, and in the cloister of Torroella de Montgrí Hospital in 2018


+34 936 678 413
+34 690 398 300
C/ Maria, 7 Bajos
08012 Barcelona (Spain)


January 15th 2015 – January 15th 2025
CataniaPhotomural in King County Metro. SE 272 St / 172 Ave SE, Covington, Washington, USA

May 3rd 2024 – June 14th 2024
Rostres i Cos exhibition by the Minerva Collective in
El Poblet Athenaeum, C/Nàpols 268, Barcelona, Spain


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